Devinka comes from a very foodie background. To her food was never just a matter of sustenance it was a sense of community, family discussions, conscious eating combined with tasty, wholesome and a diverse ingredient of flavours. Devinka, as a young girl in Sri Lanka has always had a keen sense of taste and passion for food, cultivated through her grandmother’s and mother’s exceptional cooking skills.

Yet, her interest grew into functional foods when 15-years ago she moved to Australia and started encountering health concerns such as auto-immune disease and chronic pain. Many doctors suggested medication that came with a plethora of side effects and only a 50% probability of clearing the disease completely. Through counsel with other doctors around the world, she decided to take a different path, of going back to her roots in eating more diverse fruits, vegetables and meats, to provide the energy and immunity her body required. The outcome was a person not been able to walk up 200m during the peak of her illness, to 3-years later, being able to run the City-to-Surf at an average pace of 5.15 mins per KM which was a record for her.

Devinka has a Bachelors’ Degree in Accounting and Management from Deakin University and is currently a CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant). Her extensive experience with leading Australian Retail companies like Metcash/IGA and Woolworths and Manufacturing companies such as Goodman Fielder, she brings data driven insights to life by assisting companies successfully execute product launches and pressure test new ideas by utilising big data analytics and providing data-led strategic conclusions. With her experience in the Australian food industry, Devinka envisions that corporations can do better in providing individuals healthier options at a more reasonable price. Yet, this cannot be done overnight or without supporting and promoting regenerative and perma-culture farmers over industrialised farming, as she believe soil health is the key to unlocking greater nutritional dense foods, better health and a positive climate impact. 

Devinka wishes to raise the bar to have a more educated food consumer, as she believes 'the customer' has the power to direct the conversation and accessibility of these foods in the near future. And it all comes through asking the right questions and seeking knowledge about what ingredients we put on our plate.