Shea has always had an interest in food from an early age and it comes from her exposure from her family business in food which has been around for 3 generations. Growing up in Sri Lanka, Shea informally studied Ayurveda medicine with an Ayurvedic Doctor. For several years her Sunday mornings were spent in his clinic learning about the fundamentals of Ayurveda.

As time progressed, her interest continued and she undertook several classes, pertaining to Nutritional Health, from the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Melbourne. These classes complimented her previous Masters’ Degree in Food Chemistry from Purdue University in USA. Having the ability to link Western and Eastern methods through her learnings of both food chemistry and functional benefits of food, Shea has a unique perspective of foods' inherent nutritional values.

In Sri Lanka the family business has a diverse portfolio of food categories, which started with cereals and confectionery but grew towards organic foods, functional biscuits and coconut-based products (the latter which she incorporated after her studies at Endeavour College). As the current Group Managing Director, she advocated for their products to have a “farm-to-table” supply chain that initiated many programs to integrate farmers to the company supply chain - directly enabling complete supply chain oversight.

 Shea has an interest to promote holistic food from the field to the factory, whilst aiming to provide convenience for the modern consumers to create a more balanced meal. Although currently living in Sri Lanka she has lived in the UK, USA and Australia and has gained an understanding of eastern holistic living coupled with the demands of western lifestyle.

She believes we all need to stop and take an internal look at our lifestyles and make changes for the better. The first and easiest step is - what you choose to eat.